In-campus Cycling Solution

Commuting Needs

Industrial campuses are usually spread across acres of land. Departmental buildings within an industrial campus are usually dispersed. We see employees within these buildings usually walking or using a vehicle to commute between departments. This incurs time and fuel loss which can be sustainably addressed by use of bicycle sharing by the employees. Beyond just a commuting need, cycle share also provides for an Healthcare and Fitness initiative which helps boost employee Morale and productivity.

Our offerings:

We provide consultation, procurement, installation as per the number of cycles and placement of the bicycle Pods required by an Industrial Campus. We provide quality cycles with well-designed parking bicycle Pods as per the needs of our Clients. Our Cycles are robust, durable and attractive which have airless tires. Our Bicycle Pods are intelligent in their design and strong in their structure. It hosts branding space for our Clients. We also look after AMC with periodical cycle servicing and maintenance. Our Clients don’t have to bother themselves with spares and parts expenses.