We provide assistance in organizing the sport event in a specialized venue. The event specializes in singles or doubles. This sport is played inside a dome or a structure to play the game rightfully without bias. The sport attracts any age group and any organization or residential. We provide indoor assistance in managing the game, refreshments, licenses, prizes, expertise officials.


Volleyball is a popular sport that is played all over the country especially in the winter season. This sport has its niche following in the residential townships and colleges. We plan the sport including the sports necessities and expertise along with the licenses and safety precautions.


Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games. This game is played between 2 players and can be played any place round the corner and also one of the best game to be stress free and giving a boost to the mental ability. We organize the game at ground level assistance.


Carrom is a table top Indian origin game. This game allows 4 players to play and could be played at ground level. We organize this game in residential townships and organization for engagement activity.


Table tennis is also known as ping pong. We organize the sport in college level for competitions among the students. We provide assistance in venue, apparels, officials, licenses, refreshments etc.


We specialize in planning, organizing and executing futsal tournaments categorized to the round robin matches, tournaments, inter-college/organization/ Residential tournaments. We plan the sport keeping in mind the funds, Legality and safety of the players and the audience. We design the event in fulfilling the players/crowd basic needs and safety viz. Food, restrooms, officials, medical assistance, entertainment etc.


This is a combat level sport to prove the strength, agility and stamina. This is rough sport played in a ring or cage between 2 players or called fighters. This is very competitive sport so played at school and college levels. We provide professional assistance over the expertise and organize the event with safety and utmost care to the medical assistance & many more…