We provide trekking activity with proper officials and expertise along the medical assistance keeping in mind the age groups. This helps the Employee of organization to feel free and fresh and college/school students to extend their level of adventure. This allows you to be flexible and improving physical health.


The Camping event – The feeling of being calm, appreciating the simple things in life and knowing that things do not have to be complex all the time allows one to have a more positive and clearer outlook or perspective. We provide this opportunity to families, employees, friends, students to have fun with each other and having fun. This also helps in having an emotional rest from the outer working world.


Corporate employee bonding and communication is the key to this exercise. This helps in knowing the colleagues, strangers and also helps in opening up to surroundings. We provide various team building activities such as human knot, blind-retriever, perfect-square, team lunch, debates, field day and community service. These sessions are mostly provided to organizations and residential townships.


This is a modern exercise involving prolonged voluntary laughter also known as Hasyayoga .This session brings out your inner child and helps in getting out of daily life stressors. We provide these sessions to organizations and residential townships & many more…